What is Home Staging?

Preparing a home for sale by highlighting the homes best features to appeal to many buyers.  

It’s all about a feeling and creating a great first impression.

It can make a significant impact on how quickly a home sells and for what price.

Does it work and why?

Within 30 seconds of entering a home the potential buyer knows whether or not they are interested in the home.   So the first impression is very important. 

You stage the home to evoke an emotion in the buyer.  When staged the buyer connects with the home so they can imagine themselves living there.  You take the guess work out of where things should go, what particular rooms are for.   You make everything more attractive.

Home staging really does work because you are helping buyers purchase a HOME not a house.   Every day you see more and more sellers and realtors hiring professional stagers so their properties outshine the other homes.  You wouldn’t see this if staging wasn’t working.

How does home staging affect the listing compared to non staged homes?

According to stagedhomes.com, 95% of  professionally staged homes sell faster than non staged and within 11 days or less.  Also, usually for 17% more than non staged homes. 

Basically, staged homes look better in pictures than non-staged homes. When they present better in pictures, it prompts more buyers to add the home to their "must see" list. When you have an increase in buyers walking through your front door, you have an increase in odds of selling.

When you have multiple buyers falling in love with a property, the offers start to come in quicker. It's all about increasing traffic through your home. And a staged home accomplishes that.

What does the home staging process look like?

Meeting with  the seller viewing the property

Deciding what will stay and what will go / depersonalizing / eliminating clutter

Deciding what will come in from the stagers inventory.  Modernizing

Setting a plan for furniture placement and traffic flow and lighting.

Also the  seller always has option of doing  more or less than is suggested as well.

Staging usually takes one day once home is clean and ready to be staged.