What to Look for When Hiring a Home Stager

In 2018, 5.34 million homes were sold in the United States!

If you are thinking about selling your home you will probably need to stage it in order to make it attractive to buyers. If you have no experience with staging and selling a home then this can be challenging. The good news is that you can hire someone to stage the home for you.

However, if you know exactly what you are looking for everything will be much easier. Here is your guide to finding the best home stager for your needs.

Your Stager Should Belong to a Professional Association

Home staging is a serious business it can make or break the sale of your home so before you hire anyone you need to make sure they are qualified.

Your stager should be a member of the real estate staging association. This means they would have had to pass an exam and have business insurance. In addition, they are asked to have at least one year of experience as a stager to join the association.

How Successful is Your Stager?

While it is great to find a stager with experience it is even better to find someone who has experience and a good success rate. The bottom line is that you want to sell your house and you need someone who can get results.

A good rule of thumb is to use a stager whose homes are sold within thirty days of taking on most jobs.

Area of Expertise

It is important that your stager is capable of selling the type of property that you own. That means that if you are selling a small apartment you don’t want to hire a stager who specializes in selling mansions.

If you do hire someone like this it might be “hit or miss” try as much as possible to hire someone with expertise in selling the type of home you have on sale.

Design is Important

The style in which the house is decorated for staging is very important. This is what will attract a buyer. Your stager should have amazing interior design skills.

Interior design trends are always changing. Any stager you hire must be in the habit of going to conferences or collaborating with people who are on top of the latest trends in home decoration.

A Final Look at Hiring a Stager to Sell Your Home

Hiring a stager is one of the most important parts of trying to sell your home. Staging your home the right way can make your home sell quickly.

This means that you must be strategic about how you stage your home. It must be done in a way that looks natural, yet at the same time, it must offer an irresistible charm.

Make sure that you look at everything that was discussed here. Use it to formulate the questions you will ask during an interview with a potential stager.

This will ensure that you get great results. If you would like more information about home staging, please contact us.